Assembly 2143

Surge...with Service

Personal commitment and direct involvement by the Knights of Columbus are the aims and purposes of the "Surge ... with Service" program developed by the Supreme Council staff. Adoption of the program on the state and local levels makes the Knights of Columbus a Catholic, family, fraternal and service organization.

The Service Program is a program of action under the direction of two men selected by the Grand Knight, as Program and Membership Directors. The Grand Knight in consultation with the Program Director, then elect others to fulfill the duties of Church, Community, Council, Family and Youth Directors who appoint various committees to plan the projects and activities in the council. Flexibility allows local or state selection of activities of interest to the members. Manuals and handbooks are sent to the men selected to serve in the position of directors. Their names are reported to the Supreme Office for a special mailing list of current and up-dated information sent to them for use in their councils. Eighteen times a year an issue of P.S. (Program Supplement), a volunteer services newsletter, is mailed to each man.

An informed and active membership is the goal of every council. The Service Program is one means to that end. A program director will provide the opportunity for activity and the membership director will oversee the work necessary for retention of membership and recruitment of new Knights. Awareness by the members of the beneficial features of the insurance program is a responsibility of the membership director in cooperation with the insurance representatives of the Supreme Council.